Frank M. Ahearn

Things To Know

We are not a database company but actual skip tracers who search and locate people globally. We are based in the US & Europe and can locate most people in most parts of the world. We use a two-step process to confirm all results and our turnaround time is the same day but can be up to 48 hours.

Skip Tracing Services

Whether you are a private investigator, process server, finance company, law firm or global bank, we can locate the people you need  to find. We offer two types of skip traces, a current address or a current contact. A current address is the physical location of the subject and the current contact is a home, work or mobile phone number.

No Hit /No Fee

We offer no hit, no fee skip tracing in the US, Canada, Western Europe, UK, AU and NZ.  You send a request and we will search for and locate your subject or information. After we locate your subject or information we will send an invoice to be paid, if we are unsuccessful there is no fee to be paid.

USA/Canada $55.00 - Western Europe  €55,00 - UK £47,00 - AU & NZ A$79.00

Send your request to Dana Peace:

Global Skip Trace Fee

Outside of the mentioned areas we charge a flat rate fee of €100.00 to skip trace. Not that the search is more difficult but it is more costly and can be more time consuming. Note, that if your search originates in Canada or Luxembourg and we locate the subject in Singapore, your fee remains at the Canadian and Luxembourg fee. It is when the search begins outside of the mentioned countries the fee is €100.00. To request a global skip trace prepay using this PayPal link and email your request.

In Addition

We understand when we locate a person it can take a few days before you arrive to serve papers or begin your case. If the subject has left within two weeks, we will follow up and locate the subject again at no further cost.

Send all search request to Dana Peace: Info@Ahearn.Info