The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere

The Art of Disappearing: 199 Essential Privacy and Disappearing Tips

How to Disappear From BIG BROTHER: Avoid Surveillance, Prevent Unwanted Intrusion and Create Privacy in an Era of Global Spying

The Digital Hit Man: His Weapons for Combating the Digital World

How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, And Vanish Without A Trace

My How to Disappear Story

I work with individuals who want to embrace the lifestyle of a Virtual Entity, Digital Nomad, or Expatriate. A Virtual Entity is a person who lives without physical connections and a Digital Nomad is one who typically travels but continues to operate their business. The difference is, a Digital Nomad voluntarily surrenders certain privacy, while a Virtual Entity surrenders no privacy.

Many who desire a new life have only books, websites and maybe the help of a friend to guide them. Much of the information available is quite helpful but it does not teach you how to incorporate privacy into your new world. Remember, there is more to personal privacy than obtaining an offshore corporation or second passport. If you are looking to become a Virtual Entity, Digital Nomad or Expatriate, I can make the transition easier.

Frank M. Ahearn

Speaking Engagements

New Science - September 2017 - Details to come
Arvato - Bade Baden, Germany
Huz - Kelheim, Germany
The Institute of Directors - Monaco
Paper Jam - Luxembourg
2b AHEAD THINKTANK - Wolfsburg
Association of IT Professionals - NJ
Lehigh University - Pennsylvania
Princeton University - NJ
Mystery Writers of America - Numerous Chapters
Sisters in Crime - Numerous Chapters


Email and phone consultations are available at rate of $220.00 per hour  available in fifteen-minute increment. To schedule a consultation prepay using this PayPal link.

Frank M. Ahearn

Frank M. Ahearn

My background has offered me the opportunity to play several roles in life. From a Privacy Consultant who has worked with individuals and organizations dealing with extreme privacy issues. As a Skip Tracer who locates people in the far reaches of the world. Even as a Social Engineer who has the ability to locate that one piece of information. Then there is the Author and Talker who writes and speaks about the journey.