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If you landed here you are either curious about how to disappear or searching for a remedy for a difficult situation. What I do is so unique that by its very definition it cannot be defined. This is not because it falls within the realm of extreme privacy but because every one of my clients presents a different issue that needs a singular and creative solution. In fact, my value lies in my ability to fabricate one of a kind solutions to one-of-a-kind problems.

How to Disappear


 Sometimes the unfortunate and unwanted arrives at your doorstep or computer screen. If you or your organization is faced with a dilemma you cannot seem to resolve my unique and sometimes unconventional stratagem service can be of help.

How to Disappear Service: I search all known information about you and combat the vulnerable. I make it appear that you disappeared to London but actually disappeared to Berlin. I spend a few days with you in your new city and teach you how to acclimate and become a virtual entity.

Stratagem Service: Out of all the service’s I provide I would say Stratagem is my favorite because I believe this is where my true talent comes to life. I have the ability to evaluate a situation that appears to be unresolvable, create, and execute a strategy that will resolve the problem. When faced with such a situation or obstacle that appears to have no resolution I am the expert who can help. 

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For the past thirty years, I have been in a business that resembles a game of international hide and seek. I was the number one skip tracer (locates people) and located individuals from Belgium to Belize. I performed this service by extracting personal information via pretext and social engineering.

Disinformation Service: The digital world has no reverse mode and most times lacks a delete button. One piece of information can change your life drastically. The only way to combat online information is with disinformation. If you have committed or been wrongfully accused of a faux pas. I will create information that will make it appear that another person who shares your name has committed the unpleasant action. On the other hand, I can create information that will contradict the alleged accusation.

High-Net-Worth Privacy: One of the central dangers I come across in the high net worth world is family connections. Family members "connected" to wealth and powerful business individuals can be desirable targets for abduction for profit. Vulnerable  "connections" come from publicly available information as well as information posted or shared by employees and family. I play predator and locate the dangerous information, and then combat that information. I also educate inner-circle employees and family on how to avoid creating connections.

Business Espionage: If there is, one flaw I have come to notice with corporations is they tend to forget that privacy and security goes beyond the computer. Organizations lean towards being myopic with proprietary information and focus on data security but overlook human flaw. A serious question one should ask is if their information is secure against pretext, social engineering or a compromised employee.

Stratagem is an artifice or trick in war for deceiving and outwitting the enemy. I am of the philosophy that no situation is beyond control or unresolvable, one needs only the correct strategy. I have the ability to evaluate a situation and design an approach that will bring the needed results.

Frank Finds You: If you have disappeared, the truth is you have no clue if you are safe and secure. For all you know your predator is planning to capture or abduct you this very minute. Frank Finds is a service where I hunt you down and find you. Trust me, I have no doubt that I will find you. Afterwards I will provide a detailed report of all vulnerable information along with a detailed plan to remedy.

Frank M. Ahearn: I am the author of three of the top books about disappearing, offline privacy and online privacy. In addition, a public speaker. I have spoken at 2b AHEAD ThinkTank (Germany), Lehigh University, Princeton University, Eastern Region Transportation Security Council, Mystery Writers of America, Kiss of Death, Romance Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, The Wolfe Pack and several private organizations.

Frank Sometimes Finds: Depending on my schedule and the type of search, I will locate a subject you need to find.

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Understanding my services takes a little imagination. My clients never anticipate that they will find themselves in a situation where they need to disappear, or utilize my stratagem service. However, it happens. So far there has been no problem for which I have been unable to devise a solution.

How to Disappear From Big Brother (2014)

The Digital Hit Man


Frank M. Ahearn is the author of How to Disappear From BIG BROTHER: Avoid Surveillance, Prevent Unwanted Intrusion and Create Privacy in an Era of Global Spying - The Digital Hit Man: His Weapons for Combating the Digital World - How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, and Vanish without a Trace

A Situation of Disinformation

I share the story of a Senior Vice President from a private equity firm.  One afternoon it was discovered that a criminal who ran a Ponzi scheme used the name of the SVP in the crime. The criminal was never apprehended and when the SVP's name was typed into search engines, information about the Ponzi scheme, the SVP and his firm dominated the pages. This was not good for business.

The private equity firm hired a reputation company to do website suppression. The reputation company built positive information about the SVP in order to push down the negative Ponzi scheme information. This was a waste of time because when the website suppression ended the bad information floated back up to the first few pages of the search engines. In addition, if someone searched past page three on a search engine they would discover the Ponzi scheme information which looked as if the SVP was the criminal.

When I was called into to assist my suggestion was to create an online identity for the criminal which would differentiate him from the SVP. I gave the criminal a background from Berlin, schooled in London and divorced from a woman in Brussels. I also posted photos to give him a face and I built social media and web sites supporting all of this information about the criminal.

What this accomplished was, if someone searched the SVP's name online they would see my client the upstanding private equity man and the criminal who shares my clients name. The searcher would recognize they are two different people. Being able to differentiate from the client and the criminal was the solution.

Privacy & Disappearing is Controlling Your Connections

Imagine it’s a Friday night, and a teenager at a school dance makes the mistake of asking the bully’s girlfriend to dance. The bully finds out and the teen is soon to be dead meat. The next few days the bully tries hunting the teen down but the teen avoids capture by not leaving any footprints to trace.

The following week the teen is delivering pizza and as he pulls up to the house that ordered the food, he discovers it is the home of the bully. He knows that ringing the doorbell leads to the losing of his teeth and not delivering the pizza results in teenage unemployment. The question is, how can the teen go about delivering the pizza without getting beat up? Ideally, it would be best to go back to the pizza shop and have another delivery person make the delivery but the teen cannot do that.

The answer is quite simple. The teen rolls up to the schoolyard and convinces another teen to deliver the pizza for the tip money. The bully gets the pizza, the pizza shop gets the money, the schoolyard teen gets the tip and our teen keeps his teeth. Privacy is about separating and removing yourself from connections.


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