Frank M. Ahearn offers numerous services in the skip tracing, pretext and  privacy world. What he does is so unique; it can be difficult to define because each client presents a different issue that needs a singular and creative solution. In fact, his value lies in his ability to fabricate one-of-a-kind solutions to one-of-a-kind problems.


Sometimes a lie or deception is the only road to truth or freedom.

Author of The New York Times Best Seller: How to Disappear

Frank M. Ahearn

How to Disappear: If you have found yourself in a situation and feel it is necessary to disappear.

High-Net-Worth Privacy: From experience, most privacy issues that make  clients or their family vulnerable come  accidentally from either an employee or a family member.

Digital Disinformation: I use digital disinformation to create extreme privacy. For example, I make it appear as though you live in London but in reality, you live in Berlin.

Luxembourg: Keynote Speaker Paperjam Club

Thursday 12 November 2015
Paperjam Club

9, rue Jean Fischbach
3372 Leudelange LUXEMBOURG

MONACO: To Be Announced.

PAST SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: Association of Information Technology Professionals - 2b AHEAD THINKTANK - Lehigh University - Princeton University - International Law Firms - Private Banks - Mystery Writers of America - Sisters in Crime -  Kiss if Death - The Wolfe Pack & Many More

Video of Frank M. Ahearn, Key Note Speaker at 2b Ahead ThinkTank, Germany.

Privacy Expert & Best Selling Author

Digital Destruction: Sometimes digital information is beyond repair and the only solution is to destroy your internet presence.

Date of Birth Plant:  If you are in an industry where age matters, I can create and plant digital information to make you appear younger.

Skip Tracing: Do you need to locate a person.

Reverse Phone Pretext: Do you need to identify a phone number.