December 15, 2015


Past Engagements
PAST SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: Association of Information Technology Professionals - 2b AHEAD THINKTANK - Lehigh University - Princeton University - International Law Firms - Private Banks - Mystery Writers of America - Sisters in Crime -  Kiss if Death - The Wolfe Pack & Many More

Video of Frank M. Ahearn, Key Note Speaker at 2b Ahead ThinkTank, Germany.

How to Disappear: If you have found yourself in a situation and feel, it is necessary to disappear. This service begins at €25,000.

High-Net-Worth Privacy: From experience, most privacy issues that make clients or their family vulnerable come accidentally from either an employee or a family member. This service begins at €25,000.

Digital Disinformation: I use digital disinformation to create extreme privacy. For example, I make it appear as though you live in London but in reality, you live in Berlin.  This service begins at €5,000.

Digital Destruction: Sometimes digital information is beyond repair and the only solution is to destroy your internet presence. This service begins at €5,000.

Skip Tracing: I charge €250.00 to locate a person. The turnaround time is one to three days and I charge for the service not the results. Just like a lawyer, brain surgeon and weatherman.

Reverse Phone Pretext: Do you need to identify a phone number? I contact the phone number with a unique ruse to extract a name and address. The fee is €125.00. Same day turnaround.

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Author of How to Disappear

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Reverse Phone Pretext
Locate A Person

How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, And Vanish Without A Trace: A New York times Best Seller! In a world-wise, straight-talking, wryly humorous narrative, Ahearn provides field-tested tips, tools, and techniques for maintaining privacy, as well as strategies for protecting personal information and preventing identity theft.

Privacy Consultation

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How to Disappear From BIG BROTHER: Avoid Surveillance, Prevent Unwanted Intrusion and Create Privacy in an Era of Global Spying by Frank M. Ahearn teaches you how to become a virtual entity in a world of corporate data collection and government spying.

Frank M. Ahearn offers numerous services in the skip tracing, pretext and privacy world. What he does is so unique; it can be difficult to define because each client presents a different issue that needs a singular and creative solution. In fact, his value lies in his ability to fabricate one-of-a-kind solutions to one-of-a-kind problems. Blah, blah, blah, the reality is I am excellent at creating deception to resolve unwanted and difficult situations.

In between privacy cases, I do skip tracing and locate people. The fee is €250.00 for the service not the results. Man cannot live on bread alone!

The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Most of the pretext and social engineering tactics in this book are illegal. In non-technical language, that means do not be a dumbass and try this stuff at home, from work, on Skype, with a prepaid cell phone or through a psychic medium.

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The Digital Hit Man teaches people how to create and use deception for the purpose of combating sites that violate your on-line privacy, be it scandalous information, negative information or the long-lost skeleton that digitally stepped out of the closet, now making your life miserable.

Privacy expert & New York Times bestselling author

I am author of the New York Times Bestseller, How to Disappear, The Digital Hit Man, How to Disappear from Big Brother, and The Little Black Book of Skip Tracing.

I offer phone, email and Skype consultations for €500.00 per hour, available in 15-minute increments. Use the PayPal Buy Now Button to request a consultation.