The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere

Most of the pretext and social engineering tactics in this book are illegal. In non-technical language, that means do not be a dumbass and try this stuff at home, from work, on Skype, with a prepaid cell phone or through a psychic medium.

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How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, And Vanish Without A Trace

Frank M. Ahearn built his first career by finding people who didn’t want to be found—from philandering celebrities to a certain White House intern (Monica Lewinsky) before anybody had heard of her, as well as countless cheaters, frauds, and bad guys. Using the “skip tracer” techniques he developed in the process, Ahearn embarked on a second career counseling those who wanted not to be found.

How to Disappear From BIG BROTHER: Avoid Surveillance, Prevent Unwanted Intrusion and Create Privacy in an Era of Global Spying

Sun Tzu the strategist tells us to know our enemy and know thyself. To be aware is to be alive! The same strategy applies when you disappear from BIG BROTHER or any other threat in your life. You must think like a military strategist and anything less will knock you out of the game.


Why a Skip Tracing (finding people) book since I work in the privacy world. The media answer to the question is one must understand skip tracing in order to understand disappearing and this is true. However, the real reason is I find skip tracing, pretext and social engineering a fascinating world and it can be a huge rush. Let me add that part of me was in need of a new drug, which led me down a path to opening an undercover skip tracing service. This book is the results of my experience-spent hunting as well as including experiences from my past deeds.

I did not want to set up shop as Frank M. Ahearn. I decided to do it under a female alias. I built a website, which offered a variety of skip tracing services at extremely cheap rates. My goal was to bring in business quickly.  Available at Amazon

If you’ve ever fantasized about disappearing—literally dropping out of sight or just eliminating the traceable evidence of your existence—How to Disappear is your guide.

In a world-wise, straight-talking, wryly humorous narrative, Ahearn provides field-tested tips, tools, and techniques for maintaining privacy, as well as strategies for protecting personal information and preventing identity theft. You’ll learn key tactics such as misinformation (destroying all the data known about you), disinformation (creating fake trails), and reformation (getting where you want to be without leaving clues). Throughout, Ahearn shares real-life stories of his fascinating career—from nabbing adulterous celebrities to helping abuse  victims find safety.

An indispensable resource not just for those determined to be anonymous, but for almost anyone in the brave new world of online information, How to Disappear sums up Ahearn’s dual philosophy: Don’t break the law, but know how to protect yourself. Available at Amazon

New York Times Best Selling Author

Knowing thyself is more than knowing your online and offline information. Knowing thyself is to know your survival skills and knowing the tracking skills of your enemy. Disappearing is far beyond the idea of going from point A to point B. Disappearing is about being aware of your environment every second of your day. How to Disappear From BIG BROTHER is a hardcore privacy guide that shows you how to disappear internationally without being traced. This book explains how you can create cover stories, employment backgrounds, communicate without being traced, move money quickly from country to country and much more. Available at Amazon

My name is Frank M. Ahearn and I am the author of several privacy books including the New York Times Bestseller, How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, And Vanish Without A Trace. My expertise ranges from finding people, finding unique information, social engineering to teaching people how to disappear.

The Digital Hit Man: His Weapons for Combating the Digital World

The Digital Hit Man is the premiere book that teaches people how to create and use deception for the purpose of combating sites that violate your on-line privacy, be it scandalous information, negative information or the long-lost skeleton that digitally stepped out of the closet, now making your life miserable. Available at Amazon