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Frank M. Ahearn offers numerous services in the privacy world. What he does is so unique; it can be difficult to define because each client presents a different issue that needs a singular and creative solution. In fact, his value lies his ability to fabricate one-of-a-kind solutions to one-of-a-kind problems.

Mr. Ahearn works with individuals who need to learn how to disappear, fall off the radar or have extreme privacy needs. He is an expert at vanishing people, creating high-net-worth-privacy, travel privacy and foreign state privacy. Law firms and private asset companies worldwide utilize his unique disinformation and stratagem services.

For the past thirty years, he has been in a business that resembles a game of international hide and seek. In the early years of his profession, he was a skip tracer (located people) and information broker (sold gray area information) who utilized pretext to extract information from individuals and corporations. In 2001, Frank made a drastic change and walked away from the information business and his focus became privacy.

Frank M. Ahearn is the author of three privacy books How to Disappear From Big Brother, The Digital Hit Man and The New York Times Best Seller, How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, And Vanish Without A Trace.

To conduct business please set up a prepaid phone or email consultation. This creates the opportunity to understand your situation with some detail. In dire situation’s Frank can be in most countries within 24 hours.


Association of Information Technology Professionals - 2b AHEAD THINKTANK - Lehigh University - Princeton University - International Law Firms

Private Banks - Mystery Writers of America - Sisters in Crime -  Kiss if Death - The Wolfe Pack - Eastern Regional Transportation Security -

And Numerous Others...

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I offer a full-blown how to disappear service for individuals who have extreme privacy needs.  It is important to remember, disappearing is more than going from Point A to Point B, it involves real work and serious strategy.

Searching all online and offline information about the client and any information that can be deleted, is, if the information is unable to be deleted it is manipulated. Creating disinformation that makes it appear the client disappeared to Berlin, but is safely disappeared in Madrid.

Being in a new city creates curiosity and it is dangerous to disclose that one has disappeared. A business background is created to use as a cover story, the cover story will be shared with new people in the disappear city. The business background is used to obtain an apartment lease, utilities and other needed services.

City survival, knowing how to live in the new city and being able to disappear from the new city are bookends for survival. It is important to learn numerous ways of how to exit the city, different routes to the airport, can you walk to the bus station to deciding on the safest hotel to wait out a threat.

Setting up Go Bags. Go bags, have prepaid cell phones, prepaid debit cards, currency, maps and other necessities. How to communicate without creating connections. The objective is to exist like a Virtual Entity with no connections to anything physical.

The fee for the Disappear Service begins at €35,000. However, if you are only in need of part of the services arrangements can be worked out.


High-Net-Worth-Individuals are facing two common issue today, their connection to their family and their family’s connection to their wealth. Such connections can make a family vulnerable to theft and abduction. What most individuals do not realize is that family members unknowingly create the vulnerability.

Socializing is all about the sharing of information, privately or on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogs. The problem is the faces and identities can be are anonymous, therefore one does not know the enemy. Think about the photos your teenager posts and the content in the photos. Such as, a Picasso in the living room, an Imperial Kangxi Enmamel on the mantle or the Hublot on the wrist. Some websites remove the Geo Tags and others do not. One photo can put your treasures and loved ones at risk. A simple example but a real threat.

HNW Privacy - Search, Evaluate, Strategy and Execution.

Search - On and offline information is located about inner circle family members and at times close personal employees.

Evaluate/Strategy - Information is evaluated for vulnerability and unhealthy connections. A detailed strategy of how to remedy or combat is provided.

The fee for Search/Evaluate/Strategy is €8,500 per name.

The execution of strategy fee is based upon the information located on each name.

Stratagem & Disinformation Service

Sometimes the unwanted arrives on the computer screen or at the doorstep. These unexpected situations can be a self-inflicted faux pas, the past catching up or a business situation gone awry. Either way digital problems need remedy but unfortunately, there are limited solutions.  

Some services offer web site suppression but the problem still exist, on page ten, fifteen or twenty of a search engine. The other answer is The Right To Be Forgotten, which should be called The Right To Be Geographically Forgotten.

Stratagem Service utilizes disinformation which is proactive deception that counters the unwanted information. For example, if you were involved in a business deal in Mexico that does not shine the best light on your abilities or reputation. Information is created to make it appear that a business individual sharing your name is the individual behind the business deal, not you. Just a simple example.

The fee for Stratagem & Disinformation begins at €10,000.

Privacy consultations

Phone Consultations are $125.00 per hour 15 minute increments. After you place your request, I will contact you within fifteen minutes, if I do not it means I am in transit or my email is in your spam.

INCLUDE: Your Time Zone - Time You Are Available - You Call Me or I Call You

Email Consultations are $125.00 per 15 minute increments. I will spend fifteen to sixty minutes communicating with you via email. After you make your request, I will email from a private email address. When you receive my email, tell me your story.

Translated Email Consultations are $400.00. After you place your request, I will contact you from a private email address. You email your information in your language and I will redact all identifiers and have email translated by a trusted associate. I will email you back in your language.

Translated Phone Consultations are $600.00 per hour. After you place your request I will contact your to schedule a time. When we speak, I will have a translator on the phone who will not know your identity.  

Skype Meetings are available for $600.00 an hour with a minimum of one hour.

INCLUDE: Your Time Zone - Time You Want To Skype

In Person Meeting: I can be in most parts of the world in 24 to 48 hours. In order for me to come to you, an initial payment of $1000.00 is required. If I do not contact you within fifteen minutes, it means I am in transit or my email is in your spam.

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